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Welcome to the website of the Cinder Hill Trouting Syndicate. We hope you like what you see.

First formed In 1989, as an offshoot from the Sussex Branch of the then Salmon & Trout Association (now

Salmon & Trout Conservation UK) the purpose of the Syndicate is to provide affordable fly fishing for trout for

the members in beautiful surroundings and to this end, much of the essential site maintenance work is carried

out by the members themselves.

To access the various sections of the website, simply click on the title text of the relevant section.

About Us Sets out the history of the Syndicate and provides links to the current programme for the year, the

Syndicate General Data Protection Regulations Privacy Notice, the websites of the national Salmon & Trout

Conservation UK, the Sussex Branch of Salmon & Trout Conservation UK and the Angling Trust and a Listing

of other Trout Fisheries in the South East of England.

The Lakes  Shows details on the six waters available for members to fish.

Membership & Fees  Provides information on the current subscription rates, how to apply for membership,

 details of Taster Sessions for prospective members and a link to the Syndicate Constitution document.

Terms & Conditions  Sets out the rules and conditions for fishing on the Syndicate waters.

Join S&TC UK &/or the Angling Trust  Provides information on membership of these two national

organisations, the benefit of individual membership and links to apply for membership.

News & Events  Includes reports on Syndicate activities during the current year, with links to earlier years.

Coaching  Provides information on any Courses that the Syndicate, in conjunction with the Sussex Branch of

S&TC UK, are able to hold for newcomers to fly fishing and includes links to qualified coaches in the area and

a Beginners Guide for newcomers to fly fishing.

Health & Safety  Gives general safety precautions when fishing and information on possible infections

which could be contracted while at the waterside.

Our Sponsors  We are fortunate to receive sponsorship in kind from several companies and organisations and

this section provides information on them.

Contact Us  Details of how to contact the Syndicate and the current Syndicate Officers.

Trout Recipes  Having caught your fish, a selection of recipes for cooking it, courtesy of Jane Bamforth's book

and Anness Publishing Ltd.

Members Login  Notices, news, fishing statistics and information only available to current Syndicate members,

accessible to  members only, with passwords required to log in.





Cinder Hill Trout Syndicate

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Updated  September 2019