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Goodbye Alan Purnell


Unfortunately for us, Alan Purnell, our Lead Coach and Welfare Officer   who has run and organised our fly fishing courses for some 10 years running, is leaving the sunny south and moving ‘up-north’ to be closer to his family.

As a thank you and a memento of his many years of service to the Branch and latterly the Syndicate, at the Committee meeting on the        25th November, he was presented with an engraved fly box on behalf     of the Syndicate,

Alan will be greatly missed - his are big fishing boots to fill.

Thank you Alan for all your dedication, professionalism and friendship and best wishes for the future.




Cinder Hill Trouting Syndicate

in association with

The Sussex Branch of Salmon & Trout Conservation UK


As last year, in order to bolster our funds, we are holding an on-line Auction of various items kindly donated by some of our sponsors, members and friends of the Syndicate and Branch.

A PDF copy of the catalogue of the lots on offer can be downloaded here and members are invited to make their bid for any one or more of the items via our Googlemail account sta.sussex@gmail.com

The closing date for bids is the 20th October 2017 and regular updates of the current situation will be provided. Bidding is not restricted to members of the Syndicate or Branch, anyone can make an offer.

As soon as possible after the closing date, the winning bids will be announced, the successful bidders contacted and arrangements made for payment and delivery.

2017 Charity Fishing Day in Aid of McMillan Nurses

On the 9th September, member Laurie Storer and Secretary Mark Orchin organised and ran a very successful Charity Fishing day at Piplye Ponds in aid of Macmillan Nurses.

In all, over a dozen members and guests caught over 20 superb fish up to 4lb.

The food team lead by Val Orchin produced an excellent BBQ and special thanks go to Laurie for inspiring the day when £400 was raised for a very worthy cause.

Although we all got soaked clearing up afterwards, fortunately the fishing was in excellent weather.


Junior Course, 3rd September 2017

Report courtesy of Alan Purnell.

Regrettably, only four youngster’s signed up for the course, Corbin Burgess (9), who won the rod at the Summer Show, Tom (14) and Jesse (11) Lunt and Tori Day (8) who joined as a result of having a go at the Edenbridge & Oxted Show.  Although the rain started to fall as Simon Young and Garry Pool were running through health and safety and the casting demonstration, it did not dampen the children’s enthusiasm to  learn how to cast with a fly rod.

Garry paired up with Tom, Simon paired up with Jesse and Tori and I paired up with Corbin. Following a short period of casting with a wool tag the youngsters were anxious to commence fishing and it was not long before Tori was into her first fish, followed shortly afterwards by her brother Jesse.  Tom was also soon into a fish but it escaped just as it was about to be netted. Not long afterwards Corbin was into his first fish and Tori was into her second, a cracking specimen of a Trout.

By 4 o'clock the rain was falling heavily, giving rise to the children’s welfare, however, they were all pumped up with adrenalin, and did not want to cut the session short. By 16:30 all but Tom had caught their two fish limit and we were able to close the session by 5 o'clock much to the relief of the parents who had stayed to support their children. 

The enthusiasm of the children, combined with their eagerness to learn made this a very enjoyable course for Simon, Garry and myself.


Summer 2017 Newsletter

To view our Summer 2017 Newsletter, please click here



Connect with the Countryside, 13th. July 2017

Once again this July, volunteers from the Cinder Hill Syndicate together with the Sussex Branch of S&TC UK, supported the team of GAIA Instructors at the Connect with the Countryside event held for schoolchildren from local schools, at the Ardingly show-ground.

It was a warm and sunny day with just a slight occasional breeze. The children visited our enclosure by the lake in class groups and as many children as possible were given the opportunity to learn the technique of fly casting by the team of instructors. The pace was hectic from about 9:30 in the morning until around 2:30 in the afternoon, with barely a chance for anyone to stop for a drink.

The feedback from the candidates was good and, although brief, they all seemed to have enjoyed the experience. Finally, after the last child had been seen, with the school coaches filled and heading out of the showground, the instructors and volunteers adjourned to the Norfolk Pavilion where a very welcome buffet lunch was provided for exhibitors by the show organisers.


Adult Course, 18th June 2017

Report courtesy of Alan Purnell.

What fly fisherman would contemplate an afternoon fishing on possibly the hottest afternoon of the year let alone running a course for four absolute beginners? 

What an afternoon it turned out to be. Following the “Welcome”, Simon ran through the health and safety brief, which did not scare off any participants, then Tony Kaatze did a short presentation of the kit we anglers carry before I covered rod construction and assembly, reels, lines, leaders and flies. We then split into groups for practical experience of the roll and overhead casts. 

Although there were millions if not trillions of damsels hatching, no trout were showing during the practice with yarn tag on Grubbero Pool. Following a short refreshment break, fishing commenced and it was not long before two of Simon’s team were into fish on Grubbero.  I took my team to Piplye Pool and it was not long before the lady participant was into a fish which she played beautifully and judging by the screeches and "ooohs " and "aahs" reaching us, it was obvious the team on Grubbero were having a great time, as the was lady was on Piplye. 

The lady in my team caught on a Rhubarb & Custard, but the killer fly was the blue flash damsel (small, anorexic tying) fished on the floating line. Daren’t declare  how many fish were caught but suffice to say four absolute beginners had a cracking day and are likely to take up the sport.  I expect you will soon get enquiries about joining the Syndicate. Isn’t it wonderful the trout don’t read the text books!!!!!

Sorry, no photos, Simon and I were too busy running back and forth netting fish.

Cinder Hill Trouting Syndicate and Sussex Branch S&TC UK

at the South of England Show 2017.

The 8th, 9th and 10th of June 2017 saw the Cinder Hill Trouting Syndicate together with the Sussex Branch of  S&TC UK back at the South of England Show again and similar to previous years, we met up at the showground at Ardingly on the Tuesday before the show to set up our stand. The gusty breeze brought with it some challenges as we erected the tent and, luckily for us, we had the roof on before there was a brief shower of rain.

The weather on Thursday, the first day of the Show, was dry but still rather breezy. Visitor numbers to the stand were moderate and well spaced with more adult casting candidates than juniors. Friday was very similar with the casting emphasis reversing and a larger number of juniors than adults.

Saturday was, however, our bumper day with warm sunny weather, a lighter breeze and plenty of visitors to the tent.  We saw almost 40 juniors who wanted to ‘Have a Go’ at casting as well as a good number of adults too.  Many of the juniors showed great interest in coming to one of our Courses and our ‘Trial Sessions’ for people considering Syndicate membership proved very popular.

This year we were lucky enough to have Henry Gould, who is a member of the England Youth Fly Fishing Team with us on one of the show days.  It was also good to meet up with some of our members who popped into the tent to say hello.

Our prize Rod this year was won by a very enthusiastic young man from Hurstpierpoint and our Hamper went to a lady who lives in Henfield. 

Once again we make no apology for mentioning our hard working band of volunteer Instructors and Members who make it possible for us to attend these shows which help recruitment to the Syndicate as well as the national fishing organisations. The Show was a great success and we are indebted to everyone who supported us.

We shall be attending the Autumn Show and Game Fair at Ardingly on the 30th. of September and the 1st. of October so why not come along and see us there.


Annual Match, STCUK Sussex Branch/Cinder Hill Trouting Syndicate versus

the Sussex Branch of the Fly Dressers Guild, Saturday 22nd April 2017

Sadly our team of 12 representing STCUK Sussex Branch / Cinder Hill Syndicate came second again in the annual match fished against the Sussex Branch of the Fly Dressers Guild, the latter retaining the trophy by a substantial margin. With little breeze to ruffle the surface, the very clear water and bright sunshine made for difficult fishing, most fish being taken near the bottom on small flies, bloodworm patterns being particularly effective, even the usually reliable Birch lake proved tough going for many.


For the Guild team, 6 members managed their 4 fish limit and with just three blanks recorded, they caught a total of 30 fish for a weight of 46lb 15oz, giving them a final score of 76lb 15oz.

For STCUK, only Mike Newman and Brian Raw caught their limit and despite them having the heaviest bags on the day, unfortunately the rest of our team, with 5 blanks, were unable to back up their efforts, resulting in a miserly 18 fish weighing in at 32lb 6oz, for a final score of 50lb 6oz.

All fish caught were rainbows, the best being fish of 2lb 8oz by a Mr Gray fishing for the Guild and by Mike Newman for STCUK.


January 2017 Newsletter

The January 2017 Newsletter can be viewed here







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