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            TERMS and CONDITIONS (Updated February 2021)

         All lakes are Fly Fishing Only

          Members and guests must be in possession of a valid Environment Agency fishing licence where applicable.

          The season is from 1st March to 30th November inclusive at Piplye Ponds and from 1st April to 31st October inclusive at

       Cinder Hill. (N.B. Dates are subject to prevailing weather conditions).

            Members are entitled to 25 visits during the season, with not more than:

           1. Two visits in any one week (Sunday to Saturday).

           2. One visit to each venue (Cinder Hill or Piplye) in that same week.

            Two visits will be deemed to have been used if both venues are fished in one day.

            A member may bring a guest at each visit which will count as one of the memberís 25 entitlement, but will not preclude a

       second visit during the same week.

            Guests must be accompanied by the relevant host member during their visit and all Fishery Rules apply equally to guests.

            A catch and kill limit of 3 fish per visit will apply on all the lakes.

            Limited catch and release is permitted during the months of March, April, May and June on the top and middle

pools only at Piplye Ponds and during the months of April, May and June on the top and bottom pools only

at Cinder Hill subject to water conditions and the following 4 provisos:

     1.   Members may catch & release a maximum of 2 fish provided they have not yet killed their third fish, however, all fishing must cease when a 3rd fish has been killed. Therefore, on the top and middle pools at Piplye and the top and bottom pools at Cinder Hill only, a maximum of 5 fish may be caught, being 2 fish catch and release and up to 3 fish catch and kill. A member may however fish catch and release only for 2 fish, subject to proviso 4.

     2.   Use only barbless or debarbed hooks when fishing catch and release.

     3.   Fish intended to be released should be played to the bank as quickly as one can and if possible, the hook removed without removing the fish from the water.

     4.   All fish that are badly or deeply hooked, damaged, or fail to recover, must be killed and count towards the 3 fish catch and kill limit.

           Hooks shall not exceed size 10 single barb.

           All members and guests, including their guests name, are to sign in on arrival before fishing and all catches must be

       entered, including nil returns, before leaving. Please ensure entries are legible.

            Scales and Returns Sheets will be kept in the fishing huts.

            When not occupied, please keep the huts locked.

            Gate and Fishing Hut Padlock code 4932. (NB: To access the Members Area of the website, type in user name

        "cinderhill" and password ch4932),

             No fishing between sunset and sunrise.

             No dogs are permitted at either venue.

             Please make sure any redundant equipment or litter is taken home, especially surplus nylon line.

             Gates to be kept closed and locked after use, i.e. on entry and exit, at all times.

             If you think you are the last person fishing, please check the Returns Sheet is complete. If not, please have a quick check

        of the waters to ensure no harm has come to anyone.

             Please wear your membership badge at all times when fishing. By doing so, other members will recognise your authority

        to fish, as will the gamekeeper and Ashdown & General Land Company.

             Please park considerately, ensuring that other members have sufficient area for turning and manoeuvring their vehicles.

             Vehicles must not be taken beyond the car park at Piplye or the hut at Cinder Hill without specific permission.

             Please be careful driving to the lakes. At Cinder Hill, in wet weather it is advisable to leave your vehicle in the parking

        area nearer the gate.

             Any changes to these conditions and dates when waters are closed, will be displayed in the fishing huts and on the







Cinder Hill Fly Fishing

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Updated February 2021