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7th December - Arlington Reservoir Fishery Closure

For several years now, as an additional benefit of S&TC UK Sussex Branch and/or Angling Trust membership, the Branch has purchased two memberships at Arlington Reservoir Fishery, thereby enabling qualifying Cinder Hill Fly Fishing members to enjoy a generous £10 discount off the normal day ticket and boat hire prices.

29 persons registered their interest in the scheme in 2020, but unfortunately, due to the poor weather in the early part of the year and the subsequent closure of the fishery on the 24th March due to the Covid-19 restrictions, only re-opening on the 15th May, thereby missing out on the best part of the season, just 27 visits were made during the year.

The fishery usually closed at the end of June, but this year they remained open until the 31st October, although with low water levels, high temperatures and no boats available, as was usual at Arlington during the summer months, very few fish were caught.

Perhaps we should have guessed that something was afoot, because as soon as the season finished, we were advised that after well over 40 years of fly fishing at the reservoir, the fishery would be closed down, South East Water saying that it was ďunsustainableĒ.

Presumably this was from a financial aspect, but despite many representations from angling interests and contacting all our local MPís to solicit their support, South East Water are unwilling to reconsider their decision or to provide any figures to justify their actions.

They have said that they will be engaging with interested parties in the future to explore recreational activities at the reservoir, but from their responses to our communications, the inclusion of angling seems rather doubtful.

What is pretty certain is that there will be no fishing at Arlington in 2021. All very sad.



Breaking News Ė 11th November Ė Arlington Fishery

Another fishery bites the dust !

We have just received the news that South East Water have decided to close the fishery at Arlington Reservoir, saying that recent events of Covid-19 and the future uncertainties that they face as a result, together with the declining number of members and the sad decline of fly fishing in general, unfortunately results in the fishery being unsustainable for South East Water to keep operating.

Sad news indeed as many of our members have enjoyed great days there in the past with it's hard fighting fish.



Summer Newsletter July 2020

What a few months it has been to say the least! We managed to get the fisheries open at the earliest opportunity on 13th May, fully stocked and well presented due to the efforts of a small number of us who were allowed with Angling Trust permits to visit the lakes to carry out essential bank side maintenance during lockdown. The lakes were so tranquil without an aircraft in sight, and this yearís bluebells at Cinder Hill were exceptional in the spring sunshine and it was difficult to imagine what was happening in the wider world. Despite the crisis membership has remained strong, and we have welcomed many new and returning members and wish you all a great season.

We are sure we will all want to thank the members who have turned out for work parties since 13th May, without their commitment and muscle power we would not be able to keep on top of nature which keeps on growing around the banks and in the water.

We were kept informed about the likelihood of our fishing being allowed to restart by both the Angling Trust and the Environment Agency, and as such we decided in late April to recommence stocking the lakes. Our supplier (Duncton Mill) were fantastic and many members will have caught some of the larger fish supplied by them both before the crisis hit us and afterwards. Stocking has continued right up to the time of writing and we are making weekly checks on water quality including temperature, dissolved oxygen and weed growth. The lakes are in good condition, but our task been made harder by the summer sunny weather and lack of rain. To aid water quality we have purchased a mobile aerator which is basically a small petrol generator, pump and some domestic plumbing which we intend to use mainly at Piplye where water quality can deteriorate when the streams that feed the lakes dry up. This equipment should be operational by the start of August when we intend to aerate the top and middle lakes as required. The fishing has been excellent this season so far, although it is obviously getting harder now temperatures have risen, but saying that, fish are being caught at all times of the day in all 6 lakes.

When we restarted fishing we had to impose temporary rules and close the huts, and would like to thank all the members who have fished over the last few weeks for following these rules and emailing or phoning in their catch reports which are so critical in calculating stocking levels each week. The huts are now open and catch return sheets back as before, but please remember, only one person in the hut at a time for additional safety. The rules for social distancing will be with us for some time yet and the need to wash hands and use sanitisers after using padlocks and gates at our lakes remains in place. Staying safe is still very much an important issue when out fishing.

Cinder Hill Fly Fishing always represents our sport at the South of England Show each year with our marquee, fly casting and raffle but obviously that was cancelled along with all other events including Connect With The Countryside for school age children. The committee has decided unanimously to not attend this yearís Game Fair at Ardingly Showground which is now scheduled to take place in early October. It was decided that the risk of coming into contact with potential carriers of the virus would be too high, but it is hoped that when things return to the Ďnew normalí that we can resume our promotional actives at the showground.

Our annual dinner in June had to be cancelled along with our Macmillan charity fishing day, but we are now looking into the possibility of holding the latter during September or October and an announcement will be made when the decision has been made.

Our return to fishing has been a great release from the difficulties of the last few months and remains one of the safest and healthiest outdoor activities, so please make the most of the opportunity to visit the lakes. At no time have the lakes been over-busy with members and things are very much Ďas beforeí so enjoy the fishing, the lakes are very well stocked (even if you canít see them!).

During the summer months when the water temperature is higher the trout can be a little lethargic, holding in the in the deeper cooler water and less likely to chase a large lure. If the water is clear enough (which it is in most of the lakes at present), try using smaller nymphs and sparsely dressed flies such as Diawlbachs or Crunchers fished with a slow figure of eight retrieve.

Our very best wishes & tight lines.

Kevin Reeves (Chairman) & Mark Orchin (Secretary / Organiser)


Obituary, Brenda Newington

It is with great sadness that we report the death from cancer of Brenda Newington, a lovely lady and keen member of Cinder Hill Fly Fishing for many years.

Although relative newcomers to fly fishing at the time, Brenda and husband Clive joined the then Cinder Hill Trouting Syndicate back in 2012, and quickly became involved with the organisation such that Clive took on the role of Water Maintenance Organiser and members attending the various work parties were rewarded with delicious cakes baked by Brenda to enjoy during the mid morning coffee break, which were much appreciated by all.

Since being diagnosed, Brenda fought her illness so bravely, going through many courses of treatment, which, in recent years, limited her ability to go fishing quite so much, but on the good days, she still managed to get out and enjoy some time by the water and, just before her untimely passing, was looking forward to casting a line on our waters again, but sadly, this was not to be.

Our sincere condolences go to Clive and all the family on their sad loss, Brenda will be sorely missed by us all.



May 2020 - Rod Yuill - Retirement from Office

After some 12 years or more in office as Chairman, at the AGM back in March, although still involved with Cinder Hill Fly Fishing, Rod Yuill was finally able to step down and take a back seat. On collecting some paperwork from the Treasurer, he was surprised to find a package with his name on it, containing a gift in appreciation of all the hard work he has put in over the years. Rod's thank you email is reproduced below.

Dear Kevin and the Cinder Hill Committee,

A few afternoons ago I went to collect some papers that Robert had left out for me while he was at an appointment and I was surprised and delighted to find, in a box addressed to me, a very impressive Royal Brierley Spirit Decanter with an engraved image on one face of a Fly Fisherman. I really canít satisfactorily express how much I appreciate this outstanding and wholly undeserved gift.

I have enjoyed my years as Chairman of Cinder Hill, originally part of the Sussex Branch S&TA, although when I took on the role I was still very much a novice Fly Fisherman and had only been a Committee Member for about a year. I donít even think I was a member of the Fishing Syndicate at the time. Syndicate membership was however, hastily arranged and the first few years were a steep learning curve for me, but I found everyone to be exceptionally friendly and always willing to help me when I needed it.

Needless to say, Cinder Hill has been through some ups and downs over the years with a good many of the down years following the economic crisis of 2007/8. In the last few years It has been especially pleasing to see the fishery turn a corner and the membership numbers and finances improve thanks to the ideas and hard work of the Committee.

Thank you for putting up with my rather amateur Chairmanship for all of these years and I know that under Kevinís Chairmanship Cinder Hill will weather the present difficulties and continue to provide the most affordable and enjoyable Fly Fishing in the South of England.

Once again, my sincerest thanks you all for such a splendid gift.

With very best wishes,



12th May 2020 - Coronavirus Update - Resumption of Fishing

With the relaxation of the Government restrictions at last we can go fishing again, albeit with some restrictions in order to maintain "social distancing" and reduce the risks from COVID-19.

Accordingly, all Cinder Hill Fly Fishing waters will once again be open to members on Wednesday 13th May. However, of necessity, additional temporary rules have been put in place and members should please take a look in the Members Notices page.



30th April 2020 - Coronavirus Update

We hope you are all keeping safe and well.

Unfortunately, all fishing activities have had to cease due to the Government coronavirus lockdown regulations and as anglers, we are all spending a lot of time dreaming about going fishing again.

The Angling Trust has been working hard behind the scenes taking a proactive role to make the case for the safe resumption of fishing once the Government decides that some restrictions can be lifted and this piece from the Telegraph of the 23rd April may be a promising sign that their efforts have been noticed and there may now be some light at the end of the tunnel.

Please take a look at the latest news from the Trust detailing their stance on this matter which can be viewed at: https://www.anglingtrust.net/wwfa.

We can be sure that the anglerís voice is being heard and the Trust is doing all it can to enable us all to get out there as soon as possible and to enjoy our fishing once again.

Cinder Hill Fly Fishing as a Syndicate are members of the Angling Trust and Fish Legal and many of the members are also individual members of the Trust. However, for all those anglers who are not already an individual member, now would be a very good time to sign up to add your support to our national organisation representing angling in all itís forms at the highest level, which does so much to fight for our fish and fishing as well as offering discounts on the purchase of various items ranging from fishing tackle, white goods and day tickets on some waters and includes 3rd Party Civil Liability Insurance. The more members they have the louder will be their voice in representing angling interests in the UK. 

At the moment, the Trust is offering a free gift worth £29 for all those taking out individual membership and paying by Debit/Credit Card or by Direct Debit. As the annual subscription is also £29 (£25 for Senior Citizens of 65 or over) membership would effectively cost you nothing for the year. Details of how to join are in their newsletter, or click on the join tab on the left to visit their website

As soon as we have more news we will let you all know.



30th April 2020 - Some Light Relief! 

With no fishing allowed due to the current coronavirus lockdown, in attempt to lighten the mood during these worrying times, one of our members, who is an avid fly dresser, forwarded this cartoon, which brought the following response from another member.

Enjoy and have a laugh!



It has come to my belated attention that you circulated amongst your fishing coterie a derogatory and tasteless pictorial lampoon of that most dedicated of souls, the Fly Tier.

We have serious intent regarding this ancient craft and have taken serious umbrage to your missive. Was it not dear Isaac himself who stated in his book "now the flies, which is the third bait wherewith trouts are usually taken" not enough to inspire you?

An unreserved apology and written withdrawal is expected forthwith.

Our motto is and will remain" honi soti qui mal y pense".

I am of the Amish persuasion and as such my reluctant colleague who abrogates himself entirely of content has agreed to forward my comments.


T Chomondly-Mascelain    Chairperson, Pan Global Fly Tying Consortium



24th March 2020 - Coronavirus 

In view of the Government instructions for us all to stay at home, only go out once a day for exercise and stopping all non essential travel, we have no choice but to close the lakes for fishing and they will remain closed until Government instructions allow us to resume our activities. All stocking has also been temporarily suspended.

We hope that the actions imposed upon us all help to bring this virus under control in the not too distant future, allowing us to enjoy our freedom and fishing once again.

We will review the situation at every new Government announcement and let members know accordingly.

For now, look after yourselves, stay safe and well. 



Obituary, Jim (The Fish) Smith, 31.07.1944 to 27.12 2019

It is with great sadness that we report the peaceful passing, on 27th December, in Eastbourne Hospital, of Jim Smith, a much loved and familiar character to so many anglers here in the south east.

Jim was a long time member of Salmon & Trout Conservation and for some years also a member of the Cinder Hill Fly Fishing, although unfortunately he didnít manage to fish very much in recent years.

From his home in Isfield, in his capacity as bailiff for the Ouse Angling Preservation Society and the Environment Agency, Jim would walk the banks of his beloved rivers Ouse and Uck and woe betide anyone caught fishing without an appropriate permit or licence.

A true countryman, his knowledge of the rivers and the flora and fauna surrounding them, their history and nature in general was without equal and he was always more than happy to convey this knowledge to anyone interested.

Jim will be sorely missed but well remembered by all who knew him.

A further tribute to Jim follows, courtesy of Mark Orchin, Secretary of Cinder Hill Fly Fishing.

I remember fondly the many chats I had with Jim along the river bank on the Sussex Ouse going back over 30 years, his figure instantly recognisable slowly making his way down the bank towards us anglers to check our licence, give advice and have a good old chin wag about anything to do with the river and its inhabitants.

Jim (As Field Officer and honorary Bailiff) wrote regularly in the Ouse and Arun River Trust (OART) quarterly magazine by way of his countryside diary, where it was clear that his countryside knowledge was not only superior but borne from a lifelong love of the river and its surroundings. It was no surprise on several occasions to see Jim interviewed about the river on TV and he would have given Jack Hargreaves & Oliver Kite a run for their money! As a committee member of our local Historical Society I invited Jim over to give a talk one evening a few years back and he kept a sizeable audience enthralled with his knowledge of the river, its history and the wildlife it contains, going back some 60 ó70 years, in fact, after 2 hours we had a job to get him to close the talk!

I think it is Jimís legacy, that all of us who visit the countryside, should try to learn more about the wildlife and surroundings, not just the fish, but the birds, plants, trees and insects and how our current climate crisis is affecting nature and to pass it on to future generations. Jim was passionate about keeping everything as it should be and wrote frequently about the litter he and colleagues picked up at Barcombe Mills after hot summer weekends, often filling dozens of bin liners Ė a thankless task so often repeated.

I once saw Jim in the Anglers Rest at Barcombe (now sadly closed) singing old folk songs with pals with a pint of Harveys after a day on the river, a treasure of knowledge has now left us. RIP Jim Smith.


Our Chairman's New Year Newsletter, January 2020

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